Enabling OAuth Providers such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn

Note: This document is written for version 5.0.0 and later. For earlier version please read this document.

To enable OAuth providers you need to register an App in each provider's developer site. 
Please note that  Shetab SharePoint Authentication has take all the hassle out and you just need to register your app by set the RedirectUri and get your App Key and App Secret 


  1. Register an App by following the steps provided at each provider site.  You just need to register the app using RedirectUri in following table and App Key and App Secret.
  1. Put App Key and App Secret you retrieved from registered App in your STS web.config in each provider's tag.
  2. Finish 


Use the following table to set the RedirectUri when registering your App.
 Provider  RedirectUri
 Facebook http://yourSTS.com/signin/facebook
 GooglePlus  http://yourSTS.com/signin/googleplus
 Microsoft  https://yourSTS.com/signin/microsoft
 LinkedIn  http://yourSTS.com/signin/linkedin
 Yahoo  http://yourSTS.com/signin/yahoo
 Instagram  http://yourSTS.com/signin/instagram
 WordPress  http://yourSTS.com/signin/wordpress
 StackExchange  http://yourSTS.com/signin/stackexchange
 GitHub  http://yourSTS.com/signin/github