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Error: Sorry, we're having trouble reaching the server

This issue usually raised when you run SharePoint in slow machine with not enough recommended resources. SharePoint 2013 need much resource, minimum requirement is:
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013: 8GB RAM and 64-bit process with 4 cores 
  • SharePoint Server 2013: 24GB RAM and 64-bit process with 4 cores
This is become worse if you run SharePoint on virtual machine. If your resource is low and your machine is too slow, when you search add people in "Add people" window the server may not responsible in appreciate time and the following error may shown: Sorry, we're having trouble reaching the server.

After that the system may cash this result and for next search it may show same result. try to cancel and and wait some seconds then try add different people for example; 
Search Everyone > error display> cancel wait 30 second > search another people > error displayed > cancel wait 30 second > search Everyone > Found Result.

Please note this trouble raised when your development machine is too slow, in working environment with enough resource you should not encounter such trouble.