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Grant permissions with E-Mail claims t​o someone that does not signed-in yet

Users should sing-in to SharePoint at-least once so his/her profile need to be created and then his/her account will be shown in SharePoint users list and then you can give them some permission, but sometimes you need to give permission to someone before he/she sign-in to your site.

You can specify access to any user that has specific e-mail address without actually knowing who is he or she. For example you can add to be site member, anyone who set that e-mail address in his/her user profile and verify it will be a site member.

Note: You can use star character (*) to specify access for anyone that verify an email with specific domain. Example: * With this wildcard you can set default access for your own domain members.
Note: Automatic resource access assignment by e-mail is other way to grant permissions to someone who not sign-up yet.