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How to configure Windows 2008 SMTP server to use Gmail for sending SharePoint verification email and alerts?

You can configure outgoing e-mail of SharePoint via SharePoint Central administration. SharePoint will use this outgoing e-mail server to send e-mails and notifications. SharePoint Live Authentication for SharePoint use same mechanism to send verification e-mail. click "Configure outgoing e-mail settings" to see how to do it.

Note: Your e-mail and alerts my not receive from your user

You can send e-mails to your local network but you may not send e-mail to another e-mail server such as Yahoo or Gmail even if you setup all settings correctly, your e-mails may not received at destination. Today's the major e-mail servers do not accept any e-mail from unknown servers, they may mark your e-mails as spam or may entirely reject the e-mail. The e-mail may even reach to destination but it will just by chance and very unstable. So your e-mail server should be well known server.

If you don't have well known e-mail server you can use an Gmail account to send your e-mails to your users. In this case your e-mail server is Windows SMTP server but you configure it to forward it's received e-mails using a Gmail account.

Install the SMTP service​

  1. Configure SharePoint outgoing e-mail, click here to see.
  2. Create Gmail account and enable POP3, click here to see.
  3. Start Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Manager.
  4. In console tree (left pane) Expand Internet Information Service > Your Server > SMTP Virtual Server and select it.
    • You may see a red icon on SMTP Virtual Server icon, in this case select Start in Action menu to start it.
    • Your SMTP server may stop working after restart system, in this case you should go to windows Services and select Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMPTP) service and set Startup type to Automatic.
  5. Select Property in Action menu. The properties page will appear.

  6. Go to Access tab and select Relay button.

  7. Select witch computer may relay through this virtual server. For security reason you should select only computers that can send e-mails such as computers that host SharePoint.

  8. Go to Delivery tab and select Outbound Security button.

  9. Select Basic Authentication and specify your Gmail e-mail account and password. Check the TLS encryption and press OK. Don't forget to enter complete email name as Gmail account such as

  10. In Delivery tab select Advanced button

  11. specify the Smart Host as  and Press OK.