This page presents the key features of Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication.


  • Sign-in with eminent OAuth providers
    Users can sign-in to your SharePoint site with a famous provider, such as Facebook, Google+, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Instagram, WordPress, StackExchange, GitHub.

  • Sign-in with any OpenID provider
    Users can sign-in to your SharePoint site with any OpenID provider.
  • Sign-in with any Keycloak provider
    Users can sign-in to your SharePoint site with any Keycloak provider.

  • Email Claim Authorization
    Usually you cannot grant permissions to non-AD Users before they sign-in to your site at least one time, because you don't have their user’s ID. This feature let you grant permissions by user’s email address.

  • “All Verified Users” Security Group
    You can grant permission to "All Verified Users (ShetabLiveAuth)" for anyone who authenticated via Windows Live ID or OpenID provider and has a valid email address. Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication has an email verification system to verify the user’s email address.

  • Profile Synchronization
    User’s profile will be synchronized to all SharePoint Farms and Sites when you enable this feature.

  • Block List
    You can block some Live Users from signing in to your site and redirect them to another page that shows his/her account has been blocked.

  • User Sign-In History
    You can view User’s Sign-In History.


  • E-Mail Verification System
    Valid email address is very important for any SharePoint site. When a user changes his/her email address a verification email will be sent to his/her email address.

  • Grant Privilege By Coupon
    You can give a coupon (a key) to your user so he/she will grant your specified privilege after he/she enter that coupon.

  • Universal user for All domains
    Some identity provider such as Microsoft account provide unique user ID for each domain. With Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication Security Token Service, you will have a universal user ID for all web applications and domains. It mean when user sign-in to your SharePoint Site, its identity and profile such as name and email address can be used in all farms and domains in your enterprise.
  • Customizable sign-in page
    You have varying ways to customize the sign-in page. You can entirely change the signin.aspx page with an HTML editor or decide its behavior just with web.config such as:
    • Customize Identity Providers
    • Customize Windows Authentication
    • Restrict to work only with specific domain
    • Restrict to work only with specific identify provider


  • Support SharePoint Claims Based Authentication
    Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication is standard SharePoint Claims Based Authentication that is available in SharePoint 2010 and became default in SharePoint 2013.

  • Support Multiple Authentication System
    You can have multiple authentication system in same site, such as Windows Authentication, Form Based Authentication (FBA), and any other Trusted Identity Provider.

  • Support Anonymous and non Anonymous sites
    SharePoint SharePoint Live Authentication has been tested in SharePoint sites whether with anonymous authentication is enabled or not, and in both web applications settings(IIS settings) and Site Permissions. It means Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication does not require anonymous access any way.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Sharepoint Designer
    Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication​ implements a standard Claim Provider, so you can sign-in with any client application that supports claim authentication such as SharePoint Designer.

  • Compatible with SharePoint 2010 and 2013
    • SharePoint Foundation 2010
    • SharePoint Server 2010
    • SharePoint Foundation 2013
    • SharePoint Server 2013 

  • Compatible with Windows Server 2008 and 2012
    SharePoint Live Authentication supports all editions of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.

  • Doesn't require ADFS 2.0 (Geneva server)
    Shetab ​SharePoint Live Authentication contains a SharePoint claim provider and Security Token Service (STS) and does not require ADFS to be installed on your servers.​


  • Easy Installation and Uninstallation
    You can easily deploy or un-deploy the solution to your SharePoint front server with already created batch file included in download package.
    Quick Start.

  • Multilingual Support
    Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication has been tested in Multilingual SharePoint site and subsite you can also translate or change the email confirmation or any other string without compiling the source code via translating standard resource files (resx).

  • Complete Source Code
    Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication contains a Security Token Service (STS) web application and a SharePoint Claim Provider developed by C# and compiled with Visual Studio. Complete source code available for users who buy the Enterprise Edition.

  • Customer Support
    We have great customer support. such as support forum, email, chat and even team-viewer support. Please just contact us to check our support.
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