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Grant Privilege By Access Key (Coupon)

Usually you cannot grant permissions to non AD Users before they sign-in to your site at least one time, because you don't have their user’s ID.
Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication has an automatic resource permission assignment mechanism that let you give a coupon (a key) to your user so he/she will get your specified privilege after he/she enter that coupon. It will automatically put users in specified groups you selected before after he/she sign-in to your site or enter that coupon.

Also you can  grant permission to a user with verified e-mail claims. Please check Specify access to users by verified e-mail claim.

SharePoint Live Authentication Grant Permission By Access Key page. Users grant permission by this page or direct link.

SharePoint Live Authentication Auto Permission page. You should define your copoun (access key) and SharePoint groups in this list item.