OAuth and OpenId Trusted Identity Provider with Claims Based Authentication for SharePoint 2010 & 2013.

Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication allows you and your members sign in to your SharePoint site with eminent providers such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! account. You can manage member's access before and after users login to your site via SharePoint standard access pages and controls.

Why using SharePoint Live Authentication?

SSO (Single Sign-on) become more popular and important in network security. Just imagine you always login to your own computer, bank account, email and many online accounts just by your smart card and pin code with maximum security without any worry about remembering many passwords, lost or stolen password. Still, we are on the road to this goal, but the current standard and technology are indicated that we are very close to it. Today, even large organizations try to use systems such as Active Directory Federation System (ADFS) to reach SSO.
Using SharePoint Live Authentication has many advantages for you and your users.

What you will gain

  1. More than 1 billion users already have at least one account from a famous provider and they can simply sign in to your site without need to sign up and create a username and password.
  2. Bypass all authentication systems to reliable service such Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo.
  3. Provide more security in the login process for your members.
  4. Reduce spam profiles.
  5. Your login and authentication system will be upgraded and tested without any cost. It may contain smart card or authentication with token (hardware key) in the future. For example, recently Microsoft adds "Sign in with a Single-use code" in its Windows Live ID authentication and your site will have such feature without spending any time and cost.
  6. You will not be worried about to implement login system such as password reminder, saved password, encrypt saved password, secure connection for login, install a valid SSL for login and others (It will reduce the time and cost of your support).
  7. Reuse already created Help, and Tutorials for login process such as sign in, sign out, and password reminder problem and so on.

What your users will gain

  1. They will not need to sign up for each site.
  2. They will not need to remind many usernames and passwords.
  3. They will not worry about their data privacy used for sign-up.
  4. They will use the same sign in page for any site that use Live ID or OpenID, same password reminder process and so on.
  5. They will use the new authentication system such as "Windows Live Sign in with a Single-use code" and "Google 2-Step Verification".
  6. They will not need to confirm their email when login with any OpenID provider such as Google and Yahoo.
  7. They will have complete Help, Tutorial, FAQ always that already exist for login process such as sign in, sigh out, and password reminder problem and so on.

SharePoint Claims Based Authentication and Trusted Identity Provider

Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication is a Trusted Identity provider for SharePoint Claims Bases authentication. After you install the solution, you can select it as Trusted Identity provider in SharePoint Web Application Authentication page of SharePoint Central administration.


Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication offers you more than standard Claims, Provider and Security Token Service web site, such as Manage users Profiles, E-Mail verification system, Automatic permission and more. See Featuers.

What You need to know?

To install and use Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication it is enough to have root access to your server, you don’t need to know what exactly Claims Provider, Security Token Service or Trusted Identity Provider is. Just follow the Quick Start and ​Contact Us if you have any question.

Try it now

You can download the trial version and follow step by step guide of quick start to install Shetab SharePoint Live Authentication in your test server and see the installation process and how it works. To download the trial version click here.

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